Early Help Offer

Sidegate Primary School Early Help Offer

Effective Early Help relies upon all staff at Sidegate Primary School to provide support as soon as a problem arises at any point in a child’s life. Offering Early Help to a child and their family, is more effective in promoting the welfare of the child, rather than reacting at a later time when a crisis point may have been reached.

All staff are trained to: identify emerging problems; share information internally or externally with outside agencies; and promote positive outcomes for children, young people and their families.

Support offered

The school has a Family Liaison Manager, Sam Hicks, who offers support to pupils and their families  in many ways, including accessing outside support from external services, including the Early Help Team.

School attendance is monitored closely and we have a Breakfast Club that supports some of our most vulnerable pupils.

Pastoral support is offered to children who require early intervention to help them access their learning. Groups currently offered are: The Anxiety Programme, Young Carers; Feelings Programme; Drawing and Talking; THRIVE; and Wellbeing Ambassadors who support children with their emotional resilience, a project evaluated by the Department of Education and Suffolk Mind. Intervention groups are subject to change, dependent on the needs of pupils.