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Children in Need "Super Hero" Clarification

posted 10 Nov 2014, 09:42 by Wendy James   [ updated 10 Nov 2014, 09:43 ]
We have received some queries regarding "super hero" costumes for Children in Need Day. Super Heroes is this year's national CinN theme. Children do not have to have a costume bought from a shop but can dress up as a Super Hero in any form they like. Mrs James will be wearing pants over her trousers, adding some tinfoil to her boots and writing a large W on an old T-shirt!

Attached are some top-tips from the CinN website.

Our suggested donation is £1 but children can bring in as much or as little (or nothing) as their family can afford. Cakes will be sold for 50p each - again it is family choice whether to send money in with their child or not. Donations of cakes for this will be appreciated if you can afford to and/or have the time.
Wendy James,
10 Nov 2014, 09:42