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How to get these announcements as a "feed"

posted 24 Apr 2014, 07:14 by Wendy James   [ updated 24 Apr 2014, 07:20 ]
Thank you to Tammany Hunt (parent councillor) for investigating this for me. This is how she did it!

Go to
Scroll down to the 'Getting Started' section.
Enter this URL; into the top box, then enter your email address in the second box.
Select 'Realtime' for the feed and click 'Feed me'.
You will be told it will check every hour as there is no push feed so "okay" that and you will receive an email in which you click a link to confirm you want this feed.

That's it! It's free and I haven't had any junk emails.

I've just signed up and it was easy and it worked!! WJ