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Ironbridge Thursday

posted 5 Mar 2015, 10:10 by Matthew Ferrier
Today we learned about compression and tension forces when building bridges. The  team who managed to build the most efficient bridge were Construction Peeps (aka Imi, Ella, Taylor, Evie and Bethan.) All were pretty impressive though, with the strongest able to support over 4 kilos.  Unusually only one group fell out, which is pretty good going as there's a degree of tiredness creeping in...and that's just the adults.
We're currently suffering a bit from a condition called LNPT (Last Night Packing Trauma) but hope that this means that our LMPT (Last Morning Packing Trauma) isn't quite so severe.....
Oh, and today we had cake to celebrate Mrs Crane's birthday. 21 again.
Supper now and then ice skating!