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Y5 Ironbridge - Thursday night update

posted 3 Mar 2016, 14:25 by Matthew Ferrier
Another very active day today.
Enginuity, with it's hands-on interactive approach is always a great favourite. Good teamwork was in evidence for our bridge design and build challenge (not always easy when you are really tired.) We learned about the forces of compression and tension and how they influence bridge design, as well as the use of triangles to create strong structures. One group managed to create a bridge that just would not fail, no matter how much weight was added to it - we've never seen a bridge bend so much before. 
The winning bridge held nearly 4kg - not bad for a structure constructed entirely from art straws. 
This evening we got ahead of ourselves and started to pack, ready for the morning, before venturing out onto the ice.
Every single one of the group went straight onto the ice with no hesitation, before most returned shortly after, having discovered that it is quite a good idea to do your skates up first! There was some great mutual support and encouragement and a range of interesting techniques!
The attributes of the Sidegate Learning Gang were very much in evidence tonight.
Not surprisingly the children settled very quickly to bed and it's now all gone very quiet....