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Y5 Ironbridge - Wednesday night update

posted 2 Mar 2016, 09:58 by Matthew Ferrier
Rain, sleet, wind, snow flurries, sun - we've had it all today. 
After transforming ourselves into Victorian children we experienced a taste of what it would have been like to be at school in that era. Strict routines, rote learning, slate pencils and an obsession with clean nails made us glad that our usual daily experience of school is so different. We spent the rest of the day finding out about Victorian life, visiting a whole range of recreated businesses and shops. 
We've come to the conclusion that we prefer our modern lives to that of our predecessors and the dangerous, unhealthy conditions that many had to endure for up to 15 hours a day.
A gold star goes to the hardy 13 who decided to walk back to the hostel rather than going on the coach (even if it was downhill all the way - quite literally.)
Tonight's entertainment comes from within - it's almost Talent Show time.