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Food and Drink in School

Break Time Snacks

All children in Early Years and Key Stage 1 receive a piece of fruit each day. In Reception classes, semi-skimmed milk is also provided. These are government funded initiatives. Children have snack in the classroom at break time and as such do not need to bring any other snack with them unless they have a specific medical need.

In Key Stage 2 (Years 3-6), children may bring a break time snack into school, we encourage you to provide them with a healthy snack that is low in salt, sugar and fat. Caterlink, our school caterers, sell snacks at break times to pupils in KS2 only - these are usually priced at 50p; milkshake and fruit is also available.


We have water fountains around the school that children can access and the majority of classrooms have mains water taps.

Children are encouraged to bring a bottle of WATER with them to school each day. Juice/squash is not permitted during the school day (with lunch only) as even "no added sugar" drinks are acidic and constant sipping during the day is very poor for dental health - see the British Dental Association's poster attached to this page. This bottle should be clearly named.


Children in Reception are offered free milk every day.


It is the parents' responsibility to provide their child with a packed lunch or the money for a school dinner every day. Some children are eligible for Free School Meals, click here if you think this may apply to your child(ren). If your child forgets their packed lunch or loses their dinner money, then in exceptional circumstances we may be able to provide them with a school meal BUT you will be charged for this. We do not allow families to build up a debt with the school.

Packed Lunches

Children may bring a packed lunch as an alternative to a school dinner. We recommend that you include a cool pack in your child's lunch box as they are stored in warm classrooms/corridors during the day. We encourage families to ensure that their child's packed lunch provides a healthy, balanced diet. NO SWEETS OR FIZZY DRINKS ALLOWED.

School Dinners

We have an excellent school kitchen that provides healthy, balanced meals that appeal to children. Vegetables, salad and fruit are available every day. See our School Dinners page for further information.

Birthday Gifts

Some families like to send in sweets to share with the class when it is their child's birthday. This is acceptable (but certainly not compulsory!!). The class teacher will issue at the end of the day. Children in Early Years & KS1 will be told to get parental permission before eating.


Occasionally staff will give children food as gifts, for example, Easter eggs. Food should not be used as a reward in school.

Curriculum Food/Cooking

Many year groups cook with the children as part of their termly topics, for example, during the Year 3 Anglo Saxon topic, children make vegetable soup. Sometimes food will be used to enhance learning, for example, as part of a French cafe. For some topics, volunteers may work with children to demonstrate cooking, for example, Indian food cooking.