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Problem or concern?

Is your child having a problem at school or is something happening at home that the school needs to know about? Here is a list of people who can help:

Your child:
As your child gets older, encourage him/her to resolve friendship problems themselves, they need to develop the skills to interact socially with all sorts of people, talk through problems and give them ideas. Make sure you ask them what they did that may have provoked a reaction - could it have been their behaviour that triggered an incident? If this does not work, encourage them to speak to their class teacher.

Class Teacher:
In most cases the class teacher can quickly resolve problems or answer your questions. A quick note on paper or a note in your child's home school diary may suffice (teachers do not check all children's home school diaries every day - your child will need to show them the note). If you need to speak face to face with the class teacher, then please arrange to see them after school unless it is very urgent, as mornings are a busy time. Teachers are usually in school well beyond 5pm and the office can arrange a later meeting if you are unavailable at the end of the school day.

Mrs Chris Holman, Admin Assistant (Front Office) / Mrs Quantrill, Business Manager: Mrs Holman and Mrs Quantrill usually know "everything" or can find out and can help with all sorts of queries. Mrs Holman can also help with lost property.

Mrs Sam Hicks, Family Liaison Manager: Sam is the lady to see if you have concerns regarding your child's emotional well-being. She can support families through difficult times (eg marital breakdown); signpost you to agencies that can support; use the Common Assessment Framework (CAF) to engage other agencies in a Team Around the Child (TAC); liaise with the school's Special Educational Needs (SEN) staff regarding the provision of specific intervention programme that may support your child; help you with ensuring your child attends school; etc. To make an appointment to see Sam, please contact the main office.

Mrs Teri Tanner, Assistant Head for Pupil Support and Inclusion: Mrs Tanner is responsible for the provision of support for children with Special Educational Needs. She is responsible for ensuring that children with SEN (this includes social, emotional and behavioural difficulties) have suitable Individual Education Plans (IEP) and that appropriate adult support and/or intervention programmes are put into place. Mrs Tanner is Mrs Hicks' line manager.  To make an appointment to see Mrs Tanner, please contact the main office.

What if my problem is still not resolved to my satisfaction?

Sidegate is a very large school (larger than many of Suffolk's secondary schools) and so the headteacher or deputy head do not get involved in problems from the outset unless they are extremely serious. Please follow this "line of command":
  1. First speak to the class teacher.
  2. If you are still concerned, speak to them again, they will have taken action but if they do not know that the problem is continuing then they cannot take further action.
  3. Still not happy? Make an appointment to see the Leader of your child's Phase: Mrs Madeline Johnson, EYFS, Mr Adam Jewell, KS1, Mrs Hannah Banyard, Y3/4 or Mrs Anna Heaven, Y5/6.
  4. Still not happy? Make an appointment to see Mrs Wendy James, Headteacher, or Mr Matthew Ferrier, Deputy Head. You will be asked if you have followed the above route and asked to do so if you haven't already.
  5. Still not happy? We have a Complaints Policy under the Parents' Area on the website.
What if I am concerned about the conduct of a member of staff?

At Sidegate we have very strict policies on how staff should conduct themselves both in and out of school. If you feel that a member of school staff is behaving inappropriately then please ask to speak to Mrs Quantrill (Interim Business Manager), Mr Ferrier (Deputy Head) or Mrs James (Headteacher). If your concern regards the conduct of the headteacher then please report your concerns to the Chair of Governors, the Local Authority or Active Learning Trust.

Please do not compromise a member of staff by asking them to discuss issues of a confidential nature regarding another person's child or family situation, the member of staff's own personal life/health, etc.