How does the school communicate with me?

  • Discussion with class teacher
  • Discussion with teacher, SENCo or Head teacher
  • Sharing of information at Parent Consultation evenings.
  • Termly reports 
  • Advice and information is available on our Sidegate website. Year groups regularly update their year group area with suggestions and information on homework and ideas on ways to support your child

    • Home school communication diaries
    • Suggestions and advice from outside agencies via reports
    • Newsletters
    • Parentmail (email and text)
    • Annual Report

All parents are encouraged to contribute to their child’s education; this may be through: 

  • discussions with the class teacher
  •  during parents evenings
  •  during discussions with the SENCo or other professionals
  •  parents are encouraged to comment on their child’s progress and targets
  • some pupils may have a Pupil Passport or Individual Pupil profile  which outlines their targets or key areas of need and how they can be supported; these will be drawn up in consultation with families, the pupil, and all involved in supporting them.