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Key Stage 2 Results

 Key Stage 2 2015/16 Expected Standard  Greater Depth Average Progress Score since end of KS1
 Reading (with SSC)57%17%-1.5
 Reading (no SSC)60%
 Writing (with SSC)68%3%-2.1
 Writing (no SSC)72% 
 Maths (with SSC)57% 16% -2.4
 Maths (no SSC)60%
Combined Reading, Writing & Maths (with SSC) 44% 3% 
Combined Reading, Writing & Maths (no SSC) 47%  

Year 6 pupils in 2016 were the first to sit tests against the revised National Curriculum. No comparison can be made with previous test data. Comparisons can be made with National attainment and progress data for 2015/6. The school has a Specialist Support Centre (SSC) for pupils with moderate learning difficulties. These pupils are allocated to the school by the Local Authority and all have an Education, Health and Care Plan. Due to the nature of their learning difficulties, it is very unusual for them to achieve nationally expected levels. The data for these pupils is contained in all DfE published data for the school.