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Our Aims and Values

At Sidegate Primary School we aim to:

  • enable and expect all learners to achieve their potential, strive for excellence and overcome any barriers to success;

  • continuously reflect and improve on what we do and what we offer to our learning community;

  • grow a passion for learning that remains with learners throughout their lives;

  • create an environment where learners feel safe, secure and supported; are eager to take risks in their learning and are encouraged to be active, curious and to explore new things;

  • give learners the basic skills required to access the primary curriculum and beyond;

  • give learners access to the tools and technology needed to create and innovate;

  • provide a balanced, broad and creative curriculum which enables all learners to develop their individual talents;

  • support pupils to become determined, confident, motivated and resilient young people who have goals and ambitions they can aspire to;

  • create effective learning partnerships between school, pupils, families and the wider community;

  • give learners the skills to become thoughtful, reflective, open-minded citizens who respect and understand others and can challenge stereotypes;

  • give learners an understanding of the need for sustainability and the environmental impact of all that they do.

At Sidegate Primary School we value:

  • and respect each learner’s heritage, faith, culture and individual needs;

  • honesty and integrity, creating an environment and culture of respect;

  • pride in everything that we do;

  • determination, perseverance and resilience when things get challenging;

  • learners striving to improve through self-motivation, self-challenge and self-discipline;

  • the ability to show individuality, communicate effectively and collaborate with others;

  • reflection on achievements and the ability to make positive changes to improve and aspire to achieve more;

  • an appreciation of the environment and the need to contribute to the sustainability of the planet.

Active Learning Trust Values:
  • We recognise each school is different – we don’t look to impose a corporate style or identity on schools but we do have a common approach to maintaining the highest expectations.
  • We believe our role is to help schools achieve excellence through the provision of support, advice and challenge of the highest quality.
  • We are committed to a collaborative approach to our work, based on a shared understanding of what needs to be done, by whom and by when in order to maximise the impact of our work.
  • The Active Learning Trust seeks to promote a tolerant and informed view of the world and holds no political, cultural or religious affiliations. These core values underpin our commitment to provide the highest quality education for all our pupils so that they can go on to live fulfilling and responsible lives as active citizens. 
  • We will always be open and honest in our communication and welcome feedback .
  • We always do what we say we will do.
  • We will strive for excellence and quality in everything we do.
  • Our staff can expect support and advice of the highest quality, clarity about the expectations we have of them and the right and responsibility to share successes and concerns.
  • We believe pupils in schools that are part of the Trust have the right to an excellent education and a responsibility to positively take part in school and community life to the best of their ability.
  • We believe that parents are an important part of a child’s education and it is the responsibility of the Trust and schools to engage positively with parents to secure their support to raise attainment.
  • We believe that strong Local Boards, acting as part of the Trust’s monitoring and evaluation of progress, are key partners to success.